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IAS is a consultation company, incorporated and based in Maryland
and specializing in aviation related applications. We specialize in:
Avionics System and Component level troubleshooting
Product development, hardware and software
Product integration, testing, debugging
Company infrastructure solutions
Aircraft Installation Design
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Over the past fifteen years,
Integrated Avionics Services, Inc.
has developed/supported hardware and software solutions
which are deployed within the United States and internationally in
support of multiple commercial and military vertical markets and mission types.
IAS President Gary Siegler is an FAA licensed Commercial Pilot, Single/Multi Engine Land ratings
with Instrument Priveleges,and also retains an FAA Mechanics license
with Airframe and Powerplant ratings. A former Avionics
Installations Engineer and Inspector, Gary now enjoys
the utility of the products he designs while flying
his 1978 P210 and his 1973 Cardinal RG.

IAS Client Access

Web Texter...   Waypoint Map...   Asset Manager...  
Simple Texter...   Agent Monitor...   Devo Asset Manager...  
NMEA Checksum Calc...   Degrees/Minutes/Seconds Converter...   Binary/Hex/Decimal Converter...  
    Sat202 Updates...    
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